This could be anywhere in Spain or Italy or the Mediterranean, or maybe Miami.
But this is California, Capitola. A great place to spend a relaxed Saturday afternoon and enjoy the spoils of a bright sunny day. Can’t really get better than that.
We were a bunch of loud people at the Capitola state beach and our cacophony was only matched by the more than 2000 pelicans drifting along the coast along with their bait. It is a pretty sight to see them suddenly dive from the skies to the depth of the ocean and get a bite of the fish, grab it in their beaks and swallow them alive, the fish almost trembling inside their long necks! Blissful existence!
We took out motorboats into the ocean and enjoyed falling over the waves and riding with them while they lasted. It was exhilarating.
Below are some pictures from the tour, taken with a Nikon D-80. all’s been well with this camera, except for a lot of vignetting with the sky shots. I guess I need a better lens!

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