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June 2015

The Great Salt Flats of Utah

Aerial view of the great Salt Lake - the beautiful, bright colors make a pretty picture

April 2015

Green Turtles of Hawaii

Green laze around on pebbles on the rugged shoreline of the of somewhere near

Star Gazing at Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Short star trails looking up at the sky at 9000feet on the Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The short trails make the movement seem chaotic, but if you look closer, there is an order to it. The Big Dipper is ver clearly visible too

Kilauea Volcanic Crater, Hawaii

Kilauea crater, an active volcano on the Big Island, Hawaii is a sight to behold

Blood Moon, San Francisco

Awesome seen during the lunar eclipse in. This shot was partly inspired by the title of Rahul Pandita's book "Our Moon has Blood Clots".

March 2015

Frozen Niagara Falls at Night

The frozen Niagara Falls in upstate New York - the falls are lit up daily and create a surreal atmosphere.

December 2014

A Rainy Afternoon in California

Its raining in Northern California- some relief from the drought

November 2014

A Pristine Beach South of Chennai, India

Years ago, as I was riding my through a coastal highway in, a pristine showed up somewhere south of

Fairfax County Courthouse in Fall

The wonderful feeling of as experienced at the county

Spider Lily in Bloom

A blooms at the conservatory of flowers @instagood