Santa Barbara


We arrive in Santa Barbara on a Friday night. It is a small town between San Francisco and LA on the Pacific coast in California. Although we have covered only about 300 miles, we are exhausted from 2 days of driving along the highway 1. With much difficulty, we manage to find a small time motel room, with a single bed and pay $190 for the night. The room is about 8’x8′ with a bathroom about 8’x6′. Must have been commissioned by someone who loved to shower. Having checked in, we decide to check out the nightlife at the State street. The clubs are decent with a good mix of music . Some of them look shady, and we avoid them. A guy asks me the meaning of Khalsa, and I have a good conversation.

It is not until the next morning that we realize how beautiful the city is. It is nestled around the bay in such a way that you can see the sun rise through the ocean on the west coast. Probably a one of its kind. We have a lunch buffet at an the Flavor of India. The dal was perfectly cooked, and the food was flavorful and not spice laden. A highly recommended place if you are in the area. I run into a girl at the buffet, and then keep running into her at different places for the rest of the day. No sparks fly though. We spend a mighty time relaxing on the beach through the evening.

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