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Shoshoni, a town of 626 people, in the middle of nowhere …. and just right there on a run down potholled dirt road is the Yellowstone Drugstore….amazing malts, shakes, fries and hamburgers. Legend has it that these guys served some 750 shakes in a single day sometime in circa 2000….that means everyone in the town had one (statistically) atleast….but the tourists passing by do contribute to this place…at 10 in hte morning, barely when they open up, the place was swarming with people …mostly tourists who had heard about it from their friends, who in turn had heard about it from theirs…so if you happen to pass by Shoshoni, you heard it first here…..try the B-52 next time you are there! its coffee, chocolate and cocoa all mixed up!! Its crazy awesome!! Posted by Picasa

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