Guitar Tree


At the Experience Music Project, Seattle.
Titled “Roots and Branches” this is a cool piece of modern art/sculpture inside the EMP. It stands about 20′ tall and has hundreds of guitars and a few pianos, drums etc stringed together as a tree. There are a few automatic guitars which are a sheer joy to watch as they play one string at a time all across hte fretboard. There are 6 guitars that play together, so thats how the full chordal sounds are derived.

The EMP was promoted by Paul Allen and Zunes are conspicuously placed all around for your listening pleasure. A Highly recommended “Thing To Do” for any music lover, the EMP also has a section on the historical evolution of guitars. You can be in your own world with the instruments and try them out one at a time. There are separate booths for you and your friends to jam together. This place simply Rocks!

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