Going green!


Daily life can be inspiring in a multitude of ways. I have been sitting and leading a fully protected, unnatural way of life, increasing my carbon footprint by – running a car that gives me 20mpg, leaving my airconditioning and heating systems on when I am not using them, needlessly wasting 20 gallons of water for a shower, when I can do with a fraction of that, using plastic, not recycling bottles, eating food grown with non-sustainable farming techniques and knowingly or unknowingly promoting green house effects in many more ways thatn I can think of.

But then I do one thing that is perhaps a small step in the right direction. I have moved to CFL lamps – in addition to reducing my electricity bills, they are also a bit artistically designed – quite unlike the flat tubelight rods of the past.

Shot with a Nikon D-80 and somewhat artistically cropped.

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