Economic Recession


You know that the economy is headed to wards a recession when the macroeconomic indicators are not favorable, or you bought a house in 2006 only to find out that you can now get one free with the purchase of the first one.

Even if you stay away from the news, here is something that could have told you that the economy is already in a recession.
Saks Fifth Avenue apparently has figured out that its margins are no longer sustainable. So the usually vibrant decor at their flagship store in Union Square San Francisco has now been replaced with cheap plastic disposable cups stacked on top of one another.

Cost of Raw materials: $2.99. Labor cost for assembling the decor: $0.40. Customer Eyesore: Priceless.

Saks, we know that you did not attract many guests to your drinking parties for the holiday season. Stop harassing us now and for the city’s sake, restore an iota of elegance to the store to justify your sky high designer prices.

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