Out and About in Anchorage


A morning in Alaska is a wonderful treat to wake up to. The first rays of light ignite the sky in wonderful hues of orange and blue. Last night, we were too tired to drive outside the city and shelled out $7 to park in a parking lot. It now seems that the price was a good one to pay for a nice sunrise overlooking a stream. I should add that the stream is directly below the hill where we have spent a wonderful night.

The morning is rather early – the sun comes up at about 5:30AM, and plenty of local birds chirp to greet the new day. The days are rather long too – last night the sun went down at about 10:30PM – much later than when the young boys and girls packed the local bars and started grinding on the dance floors. We enjoy the smell of fresh air and our first morning in Anchorage. The RV was comfortable to sleep in and quite spacious to move about as well. Freshening up and making breakfast was as simple as in the comfort of our home. I quite like the idea of traveling like this.  Omelets and cereal is on the menu, and we have a full plate.

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