Sailing to Essna


Back on our boat at the Oberoi Philae, we finally sesellers on boatst sail on the cruise – it is a hot afternoon and we are on our way to the port town of Essna. An interesting part of the cruise is how the ship navigates through the canal locks – it is the first time I have witnessed a lock crossing – and I must say that it is an engineering marvel. Not to be outdone by the very pushy Egyptian locals who can sell their wares at every available opportunity, we notice a swarm of them on tiny boats encircling our cruiser – they are selling everything from t-shirts to galabiyas (an egyptian dress for men)  to belly dancing costumes, and even pottery and jewelry. They throw their wares up to the balconies of interested buyers, the buyers haggle for a good price and finally throw them the money back – it is a sight that I am sure we will never find anywhere else in the world!I leave you with a priceless picture !