Aswan Day 2


This is the joy of travel – you end up being in places that you least expect to be in and it is a wonderful feeling. The people of Aswan were in general more friendly than those we have encountered elsewhere. It was a great day yesterday – and our last night on board the Oberoi Philae.

We were supposed to take a fellucca (traditional sail boats) ride on the Nile this morning, but the wind has almost died down – we can see a whole bunch of felluccas in the middle of the river, waiting to be towed away to the shore. Instead we find ourselves on a motorboat crossing the Nile to the beautiful Aswan botanical gardens.

Also alongside is the magnificient tomb of Aga Khan the 48th – a leader of the Ismaili sect of Shia Islam that originated in India. aga khan mausoleum

We roam around the bazaars some more – and check into the Movenpick Hotel at the Elephantine Island. The hotel is accessible only on a boat and the swimming pool and the ambiance provides us with a much needed relaxation. Tomorrow we fly back to Cairo and then to Delhi.

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