Top 10 things to do in Cairo


Here is a recommended listing of things to do in Cairo – whether you are on a short trip or long, this will serve to plan your itinerary and give you a good cultural expose to the wonderful city.

  1. Visit the Pyramids and the Sphynx in Giza. There are a number of hotels in the vicinity of the pyramids, so if it fits your budget, stay close to the pyramids. The closest hotel is Mena House Oberoi, and it is perhaps the best hotel in Egypt. Le Meridian is about 1 km away and is in walking distance. Be sure to request a pyramid view from your room. Go early to avoid the tourists.  Return in the evening for the fabulous Light and Sound Show. Have dinner at the Mena House Oberoi.

  2. Carry a water bottle  with you everywhere and drink from it frequently.

  3. Wander aimlessly around the Khan el-Khalili marketplace. You don’t know what you may buy. Do bargain for the prices.

  4. Visit the al-Azhar mosque to get a glimpse into the Islamic world of Egypt and for a historical perspective.

  5. Enjoy the views from the citadel – camp out in the early afternoon, and enjoy the expansive view of the city.

  6. Walk through the City of the Dead. It is generally safe to do so in daylight and quite a different experience.

  7. Ditch the tour guide and spend a cool afternoon at the Nilometer – and by the banks of the Nile.

  8. Take a detour and head towards Saqqara and Dahshur, to see the Step and the Bent Pyramids. Go inside the pyramids at Dahshur, to avoid the crazy tourists in Giza.

  9. Read up a guide book or online resources and visit the Egyptian Museum. This way you will avoid paying the tour guides (who don’t really know everything) and make it a more interactive experience for you.

  10. Head towards the Old Cairo and pay a visit to the Church of Coptic Christians and the Ben Ezra synagogue.

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