Tonight: On the road from Delhi to Manali

Map of Delhi to Manali
Map of Delhi to Manali

I am pretty excited about going to Ladakh this next few weeks. Leaving for Manali this evening. I hear it is a nice air-conditioned coach from Volvo, the kind of new buses that are redefining road travel in India. Though Manali is connected to Delhi through an air route via Kullu, I prefer the old rustic charm of road travel, and enjoying a good roadside tandoori chicken and chai.
Manali should be a good place to just relax for a day or so. Here’s a map from Delhi to Manali to keep things in perspective.

The next posts will be quite a deviation from the regular posts earlier, most notably in the narration. I will try to make them more travelogue(ish) and try to capture my local observations about everything, probably accompanied by a picture or two.

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