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In August 2007, I started tracking (I use Google’s free software for it, nothing too fancy) where my readers are coming from, and it has thrown up quite a few pleasant surprises. After 6 months of tracking, I can now confidently say that this blog has been read on every continent in the world, however briefly the window may have been open. If you don’t believe it, the proof is in the picture on the right. All I can say is keep visiting and hopefully you will find some more interesting stories.

I never expected to be read in Reykjavik, Hoorn or Mikkeli. Surprisingly Russians have still not discovered this blog.

Google searches have led a lot of people to find solace here. On an average, people have spent 4 minutes and 21 seconds on this site. People’s curiosity is sometimes amusing, and I found it particularly laughable to see some of Google’s keywords pointing to my blog. Here are the top 10 that I found extremely hilarious (reproduced here without any malice towards the searchers):

1. Ladakh Donkeys
2. Ancient Mongolian helmets
3. As seen on TV! One and only Nubra!
4. Advise on maintaining good nerves while driving on mountain roads
5. Where Charas Manali (a certain chap emailed me to ask if I knew any charas peddlers in Manali)
6. Punjabi dhaba amsterdam
7. Nu bra san francisco (not sure if she was searching for nubra or a nu bra)
8. Caughtcha and caught-cha
9. Bloggers
10. Did it snow in July?

Then someone dropped in from Newgen. The tracker lists his/her service provider as “Newgen is a software company”. Amusing.

I also know that the Additional General of Meteorology was here, spent 7 minutes and visited 3 pages on the site.

Someone from Guiliani Partners was here, apparently looking for some election material on international relations.

Someone’s internet provider is listed as O-No!

3 people liked the blog so much that they visited 20+ pages here.
25 people were here for 1801+ seconds (>30 minutes) ….what a waste of time!!
Apparently people still use AOL search more than Yahoo! 2 guys dropped in from AOL whereas Yahoo! has not sent anyone here. By comparison Google sent 138 people.

Nobody has searched on this site for stories, but people find it amusing to exit the pages through the Youtube video bar on the right! Now that you are here, try them both! Later times for more stories!

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