Chiriaco Summit, Colorado Desert

Map at the Chiriaco Summit, Colorado Desert
Map at the Chiriaco Summit, Colorado Desert

This winter I found myself wandering about the south-east of CA. It is amazing that the state of California has all sorts of climatic conditions – from the (almost) tropical coast of San Diego, to the Olympic skiing destination of Lake Tahoe, the Death Valley and the Mojave and Colorado deserts.

Highway 10 runs just south of the Joshua Tree National Park and right in the middle of the lonely landscape pops out the community of Chiriaco Summit. The place acquired legendary status after General Patton used the surrounding area to train his troops to fight in the hot and arid climate for the World War II. There is a private museum dedicated to his memory right at the exit to the community.  This place also serves as a gateway to the Coachella Valley towards the west.

As I grabbed a coffee from the nearby store, I saw the sign above outside the ranger’s station at the Chiriaco Summit.

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