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The WanderingScapes Saga

Driving through the hills of Pennsylvania one wintry night, it seemed to me that I am a wanderer on the planet. My travels have been somewhat off the beaten path, and the landscapes that I have encountered are etched vividly in my memory. It seemed that the best way to chronicle them was through the electronic medium.

Thus WanderingScapes was born Wandering + (Land) Scapes = WanderingScapes.

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This website is a tribute to my travels across various places starting in 2003. The travels are chronicled on the blog and  the associated images are displayed in the interactive gallery.

The pictures are unique – a single snapshot in time, and hence valuable. Each picture has a story associated with it that you can read on the blog. If you like the story, and you like the picture, you may want to support the art and buy a large copy that you can proudly display. Since every picture is unique, I will only offer it to once, after which it will be unavailable for other patrons.

Feel free to leave me comments and email me at info@wanderingscapes.com



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