June 2015

The Great Salt Flats of Utah

June 11th, 2015

Aerial view of the great Salt Lake - the beautiful, bright colors make a pretty picture

April 2015

Blood Moon, San Francisco

April 7th, 2015

Awesome seen during the lunar eclipse in. This shot was partly inspired by the title of Rahul Pandita's book "Our Moon has Blood Clots".

May 2012

The Sphinx at Giza, Egypt takes a different personality when seen under the lights

May 16th, 2012

February 2012

Today’s #photo: An early #morning during #fall in the #Denali #National #Park, #Alaska.

February 25th, 2012

#Today’s #photo: A sanguine #sunset in #Bakersfield, #California

February 17th, 2012

December 2004

Natural Hues

December 4th, 2004

July 2003

New Luxor Theater, Rotterdam

July 9th, 2003

Red streets and red buildings – everything seems to be painted bright red in Rotterdam  The new Luxor theater in the backdrop at the Wilhelmina Square. Right across the bridge […]

June 2003

In Amsterdam

June 16th, 2003



May 2003: Day 1

My travelogue to Amsterdam.

I am on my way to […]